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FINAL COMDSG: Final Project Research

COOL DOWN means “is an easy exercise, done after a more intense activity, to allow the body to gradually transition to a resting or near-resting state.” In my own words, COOL DOWN is all about balance of technology and real-life learn- ing. There is no doubt that the use of digital technologies and internet, whether it be games or watching videos, will provide so many benefits to children’s devel- opment. However, parents should also think about the repercussions of excessive use of it.

COOL DOWN is the solution to “Screen Dependency Disorder” and it is the prac- tical and effective way parents can manage children’s time and behaviour. COOL DOWN is the start of raising awareness about “Screen Dependency Disorder” as it is not yet highly known by people.

For the final project, I have created an informative booklet where it includes info- graphics and my three steps guide for COOLING DOWN your child.

Moreover, I took all photos for my project. For the final exhibition, I will have two posters, 1 Imac with video and a small table where I can put my bookets and one Iphone/Ipad to try the application.


The booklet will be printed in size A5 on a silk/gloss paper. The contents for the booklet: Understanding Children’s Develoment, Estimated Weekly Hours of In- ternet Consumption by Age, What do Children learn on the internet? Benefits of playing online games, Parent’s guide to roblox, Practical Tips to help your online addicted child and ways to cool down. The resources of all contents from the booklet are stated.

In my opinion, there are three ways to COOL DOWN your child. Parents should first speak about the digital use of their children, then be a role model to their children and lastly, encourage screen-free activities.

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