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COMDSGN: Memogram

As part of my MA Communication Design course in Ravensbourne, I need to create my own research blog where I have to share my accumulated knowledge about design and technology, and my thoughts and opinions about our class discussions. This research blog will be monitored by our professors to examine our progress as design students. Starting today, you will see more posts like this on this blog more often. 

Few days ago, I was thinking of a new concept for our PG02 project with a theme "Accomplices: Avatars and the other alter egos". In this project, we have to consider and explore the differences between physical and digital bodies, and design an extraordinary and non-human version of an accomplice. My idea is obviously a playful exploration of technological innovations (judge all you want, i don't care). 

1. Memogram 

The name of my concept is a combination of the words 'Memory' and 'Hologram'. The product is all about conquering the fear of oblivion and remembering loved ones. I reckon that there is an equal percentage of people with fear of oblivion and people who just don't give a shit about it at all *cue too good at goodbyes by Sam Smith*. On the other hand, there are people who would want to instill memories forever. If you are any of these two, this product is for you. 

The idea of hologram is no longer new to everyone as it has been largely seen on the screen in sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, Ironman and even the ever famous, Michael Jackson, had a holographic performance at BMAs. However, the idea of hologram is still unusual for us to see. My product is a 3D hologram of a person who passed away in a bell jar (like the one from beauty and the beast). The 3D holographic memorabilia will clone the person during his lifetime by showing him in his favorite clothes, favorite things to do and habitual gestures. The product will be supported by a phone application where he can input all information about himself and later on, this digital content will be transformed as an artificial intelligence and will be transferred to the product. 




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