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Europe gets really dark as early as four in the afternoon during winter and I consider it as a drawback when travelling during winter. It is difficult to see many places as much as possible especially if you will only stay in the country for just few days. My parents and I only had two days in Prague and luckily, we were able to see some of the top sights. Here is my suggested two-day trip itinerary in Prague. 

First Day

Wenceslas Square is a long boulevard where you can find plenty of shopping stores, restaurants and bars. There is also a long Christmas market that you would want to check it out too.

Old Town Square is just a 10-minute walk from Wenceslas Square. In this area, you will see the fascinating Astronomical Clock that most tourists would want to see. There is also a huge Christmas Market with a gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of Old Town Square. Definitely an instagram-worthy photo! 


Second Day

Charles Bridge is definitely one of the finest attractions in Prague and I guess my photos below will prove it. This historic and gothic bridge has 30 statues of saints, standing on parapets on both sides. As you walk towards the end of the bridge, you will see a queue in front of a statue named St. John of Nepomuk. He is a man thrown at the bridge by Wenceslaus but apart from it, St. John of Nepomuk is a patron saint known for good confession, penitents and confessors.

After the Charles Bridge, there is a park near Vlatava River where you will see a large number of swans. You can watch them closely and feed them too. 

John Lennon Wall is considered as a public art landmark. It is only 5-minute walk from Charles Bridge. For most of czechs, it is a symbolic burial place for John Lennon, a man they truly admired. It is now one of the unmissable sights in Prague for most tourists. 

St. Vitus Cathedral is a bit further, so it is highly recommended to take a cab. The Roman catholic metropolitan cathedral is located in Prague Castle. This huge cathedral is in the middle of the castle complex. By the way, the entrance to the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral is free and there is also a Christmas Market inside the castle. 

Travel Tip

Download the app "AAATAXI" to order a cab. It is very quick and easy to use. 

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