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My Experience in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been on my Travel + Leisure Bucket List for so long now! Finally, I already checked off this city on my list and can share my experiences with all of you. This trip is truly unforgettable as I arrived in London the same day as my departure date to Amsterdam. My inattentiveness to my flight details is the main reason why I experienced this epic situation.

Anyway, Amsterdam has a stunning modern architecture. Its beautiful gabled houses, flower-decked watersides, endless canals and charming bridges are what makes Amsterdam popular. If you want to discover the city, cycling is the most efficient and easiest way to see loads of places in Amsterdam; it is also the most quintessential Dutch experience that everyone should do too in Amsterdam. Renting a city bike is roughly around €5 to €6 per hour.

There are several Museums in Amsterdam and if you want to delve into the past of this beautiful city, you must see all of it. I only want to see one museum and that is Anne Frank House. The museum is open everyday but from 9:00AM to 3:30PM, it is only open for visitors with online tickets because there is a specific timeslot for it. However, you can purchase tickets at the museum itself after 3:30PM and just a heads up, the queue is really long and can literally take one day. Better book tickets in advance to avoid queues. 

The 'I AMSTERDAM' is just infront of Rijksmuseum and it is only a 3-minute walk to Van Gogh Museum.

If you are a Heineken lover just like me, you would really love to visit The Heineken Experience. The ticket costs €17 and you get to try fresh Heineken beers and a free glass at the end. It is definitely worth the money!

First part of the tour is the history of Heineken and its creators. The next part of it is the development of their branding, identity and logo design which I find it really interesting. The last part of the tour is the interactive section on how the actual beer is made. The tour guide also taught us how to say cheers in Dutch and the perfect way to drink the beer. I had the chance to try on how to pour the perfect pint of Heineken. There were various fun games available too. 

We met up with our classmate, Emanuele, in Amsterdam. 

For shopaholics out there, the main shopping streets are Kalverstraat and Leidsestraat but for a more upscale designers and labels, it is in P.C Hooftstraat. 

Vondelpark is a huge city park and considered as the most famous park in Netherlands. 

We met up with our very good friend, Pawel, in Amsterdam too. 


In Amsterdam, coffee shops are alocohol-free store that sells soft drugs and yes, it is legal in the city. People aged 18 and above are permitted to purchase soft drugs. Do a research about it, if you want to know more about it. 

Furthermore, the Red Light District is probably one of the top attractions in Amsterdam too. You will see numerous tourists and even locals hanging around the area.


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