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Rucy's Vanity

Rucy's Vanity is a Korean cosmetic brand that offers various high quality beauty products for all Filipinas in a more reasonable price. They sent me some of their make-ups and skin care products to try it out and i pretty liked it. I told them that my skin is sensitive, oily and acne-prone (Hormonal Acne) So they sent me an Acne Toner, which contains tea tree oil and aloe soothing and oil control,  and Whitening Serum which contains Vitamin E & Collagen. 

I use Acne Toner every night to remove all the bacteria and deep cleanse my skin and to prevent acne breakouts. After applying Acne Toner, i use the Whitening Serum, to reduce blemishes for a healthier-looking skin. So far, it is working on my skin and it didn't irritate my skin. 

On the other hand, i used this Auto Eyebrow Pencil to refine my eyebrows and to fill the gaps. The Lip and Cheek tint is very pigmented, apply a small amount and gently blend it into your skin. Just quickly blend the tint because it dries quickly. The Liquid Eyeliner is colour-rich and easy to use. 

Check out their Rucy's Vanity facebook account for more make-ups and skin care products that you might want to try! :)

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