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Seoul, South Korea

Even if we are fully cognizant of what is happening in Korea, the spread of a virulent disease called MERS; we still decided to push our four-day vacation trip to Seoul, Korea. My family and I are really prepared for it; we brought a lot of face masks, hand sanitizers, alcohols, wet tissues, and even disposable spoon and forks. That is how worried we are. In Korea, you will notice plenty of people wearing mask while shopping around malls and shopping districts. The place seemed very calm. Probably, my imagination before going to Korea was filtered by the news. Anyway, let's just talk about our trip. 

We first went to the most crowded shopping district called Myeongdong. It is totally a paradise for all fashion and beauty junkie like me. Also, you will see many street foods that are really appetizing,  especially the banana crepe. UGH! First time I tried it and my sweet tooth got activated immediately.  It is not really extra special because it is just made of common ingredients (Nutella, Banana and Frosted Flakes) and you can actually make one at home! Adding up, the topmost things I like about Korea are their beauty products. They have a lot of skin care products with reasonable prices. Luckily, our hotel is just across the hustle and bustle of Myeongdong! :) By the way, stores at Myeongdong close at 10PM.

The second day was all about EVERLAND!! I really have a deep adoration to theme parks. It is definitely a happy place for me not only because I enjoy extreme rides, but also I am really amused at how it was designed and constructed. After Everland, we passed by Gangman district; this is where the main Nike store is located.

Third day, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village. As usual, I was not able to explore the palace and village because parents are too knackered to walk around. Well, I understand them. It was really sunny because we went there around 11 in the morning. 

I am planning to post my favorite Korean beauty products nextweek. What do you think? :)

If you are looking for a convenient but affordable, try to check out 24 Guesthouse Namsan Garden. It is just across Myeongdong :) Look for Ellie or Zach. They are very accomodating :) 


Denz Jovelle 

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