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Athens, Greece

Greece has always been part of my travel list. Aside from being a fan of Greek mythology and movies related to it, I really wanted to visit the beautiful island called Santorini. It is truly famous for its beautiful sunsets! Unfortunately, we didn’t go to Santorini because it is really far from Athens and we’re only staying in Greece for two days. Our flight going to Greece was late at night and when we arrived, it was raining. So we don’t have a choice but to stay in our hotel. Most of the tourist spots in Athens like Parthenon, Temple of Zeus and others were closed since it was new year. HOW SAD. In spite of everything, we still made sure to enjoy the beauty of Athens! While going to Parthenon, we saw this forestry place and told my parents to strike a pose! 

Moreover, the ancient amphitheatre of Herodeion  or commonly known as Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone theatre for plays, concerts and other events! It was built in the memory of Aspasia Regilla, wife of Herodes Atticus. How the hell did I know about this? We rode a Greek double decker hop-on hop-off tour bus called Athens Open Tour. You will know the history, civilization, architecture and other things about athens with the commentary on board available in many languages! It's quite expensive but totally worth it! You get to see the beautiful city of athens! :) 

Greek people are very nice, friendly and helpful! Actually, I was a bit worried because we might get lost and other concerns but yeah it was the opposite of what I was expecting! I really enjoyed my stay in athens and i would love to return again in the future! Hopefully, i'll see the beautiful island, SANTORINI!! <3 that will be my ultimate agenda in greece!

Anyway, next travel post is about my trip to BARCELONA!! Sorry, i was a busy bee for the past few weeks because of school and errands but i will make sure to post my Barcelona trip nextweek! :D


Denz Jovelle

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