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Paris, France

I am just so excited to share with you my whole trip in Paris, the city of Lights and Love!! It was gorgeously beautiful especially the Eiffel Tower :D  It was really huge and more stunning to see in real life :”>  We stayed in Paris for three days only and with that limited time in the city, we only went to the tourist attractions.  I think you should plan on spending atleast a week in Paris in order to see what the City of Lights has to offer! The entire trip reminds me of my favourite TV series when I was a kid called "Madeline". 90's kids should know this but if not, it's about the adventures of a little french student in her school with her friends. Anyway, La Vallee Village is the first place we went to since it is near from our hotel.  It is a factory outlet of high-end brands with reasonable prizes. Another Heaven for those people who loves to shop! 

Moreover, the Eiffel Tower is the primary reason why i wanted to go to Paris!! I was completely enthralled by this iconic monument that I had hardly felt how cold it was that night we went there. It was really absolutely beautiful and amazing! I really enjoyed Paris and will surely comeback as soon as I possibly can. I really had a great time staying here even if it was only for a short time. I would like to thank Tita Loise for the excellent tour in Paris. I know you wanted to show more places, but I assure you I will comeback really soon! It was a fun-filled experience especially the part when I had blisters on my feet and I dont have any choice but to wear slippers whilst walking around during winter. HAHAHA! Seriously, many people are staring and laughing at me ;) #Idontcare #Coolkid haha!  Love you, Tita Loise! :D


Denz Jovelle

Denz Jovelle is an adventure-seeker Filipino from Manila but currently residing in London, United Kingdom. She is obsessed with Fashion, Beauty and Travel, a passion embedded from her appreciation for art and technology. Welcome to her Digital Diary where you can see all her life experiences in this idyllic world.

London, United Kingdom