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Rome, Italy

YAAY! I’m finally doing a post about my trip to Italy :D To be honest, I have a list of things I discovered in Italy but I accidentally deleted the notes. I am trying my best to remember all the things I wanted to share and things that caught my attention. If you would ask me to describe our trip in one sentence, it would definitely be "It did not go as planned". Lack of time is the main reason why my itinerary was wrecked and because of that, I did not enjoy Rome as much as I wanted to. When we went to Rome, Trevi Fountain was under renovation but  people can still walk on a footbridge over the fountain and throw their coins. 

It took us 3-4 hours to reach Torre De Pisa and Florence and unfortunately, it was raining really hard and left the place after having late lunch at a restaurant. The journey to get to Torre De Pisa is much longer than our stay in there. However, we went to this place called "Space" and "The Mall", a large outlet center of high-end brands! These places made us so happy in someway. To all my shopaholic readers, you will enjoy the place especially that they sell products at a cheaper price. 

I took a picture of my favorite chocolate called Schoggetten. It took me approximately four freaking years to eat this scrumptious chocolate again. Before I end my blog post, I would like to thank Mang Jun and Kuya Mario Valera for our private tour in Italy! 

[Mario Valera is a Filipino travel agent in Italy. He provided us a personal driver who picked us up from the airport and toured us around Italy. I highly recommend them especially to other Filipinos who does not want to get lost in Italy. :)]


Denz Jovelle 

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