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Harry Potter Studio Tour UK


I have seen all the Harry Potter films and I really fell inlove with it, but I am not a Potter fanatic. What's amazing about the story is it allows the readers/viewers to experience a magical world full of exciting adventures. It will undoubtedly keep you intrigued until the very last film. Do you agree with me? :) As a matter of fact, I was able to expand and use my imagination creatively because of  Harry Potter. It is just beyond amazing!  No wonder why it is the highest-grossing film series ever. So when I first heard about the Harry Potter Tour in London, I immediately wrote it on my travel list cause I want to know how they did this remarkable and incomparable film! 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are planning to go to Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you must purchase the ticket IN ADVANCE. I'll repeat, IN ADVANCE. Emphasis on ADVANCE! Its so funny because my parents and I went there without any tickets. Luckily, there were THREE extra tickets. Again, THREE extra tickets. I think it is really God's plan to scare the hell out of me for half an hour :( How silly of me not to check their website before going there right? HAHAHA! Lastly, if you are planning to take a train going there, it is easy. Just go to the nearest underground station and look for a train ride to Harrow & Wealdstone then take another train going to Watford Junction, from there you will see a double decker Harry Potter shuttle bus that will take you straight to the studio entrance. 

The tour starts with a short informative movie and ends up with an authentic huge doors of the Great Hall of Hogwarts. As far as I can remember, they have three halls that displays a huge array of beautiful sets, props, costumes and even interactive activities for all ages. Also, they revealed the secrets behind their special effects.  You can pay for a Digital Guide to know more mesmerizing facts about the set, props, costumes and actors/actresses whilst walking around the studio tour. It is available in eight languages such as english, french, german, italian, japanese, mandarin, russian and spanish. 

Harry Potter Studio Tour is very interesting, engaging and even appealing to those casual viewers/readers. I am unquestionably sure that everyone will be enthralled by every details of the costumes, props, sets and animatronics. Definitely a magical experience for us!  Kudos to all the workers of Harry Potter Films! :D 


Denz Jovelle 

Denz Jovelle is an adventure-seeker Filipino from Manila but currently residing in London, United Kingdom. She is obsessed with Fashion, Beauty and Travel, a passion embedded from her appreciation for art and technology. Welcome to her Digital Diary where you can see all her life experiences in this idyllic world.

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