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London, United Kingdom (2014)

I know it is quite late to say this, but HAPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating it with your family and friends :) I know it's been a while since my last post. Several things happened after I came back from my vacation and I've been sick for more than a week already. Nevertheless, I am so thrilled to share with you my Christmas-New Year vacation in Europe. Actually, I can still visualize everything about my vacation, the feeling of always refreshed and energized to wake up in the morning like I can just instantly jump out of the bed and go out to see beautiful places. #reminiscing #dramanomore

ANYWAY, the weather in London was really cold. I wore three to four layers everyday plus  gloves, scarf, beanie and leg warmers (that is why I look fat on the photos #defensive). One of the biggest nuisances during my stay was the short daylight, which means less sunshine, sightseeing and short period of time to take good photos :( By the way, I have an advice to those people who will be traveling during winter. Jeans are fashionable statements, but they do not usually keep you warm!! Trust me. As a matter of fact, the fabric of jeans does the opposite and makes you feel very cold. Luckily, I brought sets of thermals with me :)

The first church that we’ve been to, just a walking distance from our flat in Manchester Street is St. James’s Roman Catholic Church. This is where we usually go every sunday morning. We also visited the shrine of the martyrs in Tyburn Convent. It was built to memorialize the 105 catholic martyrs who died during the reformation period. Moreover, You shouldn’t miss this huge and spectacular carnival in Hyde Park during winter! It is one of the city's most beloved and popular hubs for Christmas cheer. It has various rides for all ages, delicious food, numerous winter accessories and souvenirs. By the way, Winter Wonderland has no admission fee. You’ll see more of this place on my video! I will upload it very soon. 

My tita told me that some of the most exciting Christmas events in London take place when streets and districts across the city turn on their annual Christmas light displays. The most popular is on Oxford Street, when over a thousand bulbs light up to the sounds of various musicians.  I think this is  the busiest shopping street that has finest department stores. Go to Carnaby street, Regent Street and Harrods (they have a lavish food hall inside :D) in Knightbridge for more major shopping districts!

The Brompton Oratory or also known as London Oratory is probably my favorite church in London. This is where I had my very first midnight mass.

Westminster Abbey is said to be the main church in London. It is the crowning and burial site of most English monarchs. According to my auntie, this is the most important historical building in the whole Great Britain.

What really caught my attention in the Tower of London was the Jewel House. This is where you will find the most spectacular and precious collection of English monarchs like swords, crowns, plates, scepters, orbs and many more!! It really does symbolize the British history. Famous and ravishing diamonds are on display. Too bad, photography is strictly forbidden.

We were able to watch the changing of guards ceremony in the Buckingham Palace. They look so adorable with their tunics and busbies. 

There is so much to see and do at St Paul’s Cathedral. The Crypt, The Monuments, The Art and many more! My gosh, I just realized it now that i dont have pictures inside the church. Oh well, I was pretty amazed of how big and beautiful this church is. By the way, this cathedral has an underground café where you can rest and have a cup of tea.  How cool is that?

By the way, I am looking for a travel-friendly camera that can capture high-quality images. Do you have any suggestions? Please comment it below! 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour is up next! :D


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London, United Kingdom