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Anxiety No More

Can you feel the Christmas vibes already? I really do! Especially now that I've already seen my grades for first semester and 0H-MY-G0SH thank you lord for good grades. Well, if you are a Thomasian, you'll somehow understand my feels, even if we are not in a similar situation. Anyway, I am pretty sure that everyone has felt those sleepless nights, constant worries, controlled feelings because you're scared that all the joy might have an adverse effect on you by getting a low grade or  failed subject and the like. I cannot really unwind and enjoy the early christmas break until I saw my grades. It was anxiety relieved!! and I can say that i'm OFFICIALLY on CHRISTMAS BREAK! :D

Sorry, if i haven't posted anything last week. I had too much fun pampering myself after an exhausting two weeks in school. Also, i was out with my girlfriends for four straight days and had to run some errands for CHRISTMAS <3 So i guess, i'll be posting my pending outfits this week! :) 



Denz Jovelle 

Denz Jovelle is an adventure-seeker Filipino from Manila but currently residing in London, United Kingdom. She is obsessed with Fashion, Beauty and Travel, a passion embedded from her appreciation for art and technology. Welcome to her Digital Diary where you can see all her life experiences in this idyllic world.

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