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Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a long overdue post!  I can't believe how fast the time has flown  and so many things had happened to me since this Christmas vacation. When I got home from the states, I had four freakin days just to study for my exams and after that I was busy with my proposal. I had a short trip to two different countries and just imagine the process of collecting and submitting documents to different embassies. Anyway, it is all done and I am currently on a break from University and my parents are here in London! :D

Let's go back to what happened last January. Just to give a brief run through, my family and I went to USA for christmas vacation. After staying in California, we visited our family in San Diego and Las Vegas. Oh yes, Las Vegas, the sin city and the city that never sleeps.  Unfortunately, the city that never sleeps left me with no choice but to sleep a lot since I am still under twenty one ha ha ha. Nonetheless, my family kept me entertained just by  going around Las Vegas Strip, Downtown Las Vegas and  Lee Canyon. 

Moreover, I tried the SlotZilla Zip Line in Downtown Las Vegas and it was absolutely amazing!! I remember when i first saw it on facebook and told myself I would never ever miss this thrilling activity in Las Vegas. I will totally recommend to try the SlotZilla Zip Line in Las Vegas and please do purchase the ticket in advance because there will be a separately long queue just only for tickets. By the way, first few photos on this blog post were taken at Universal Studios and Six Flags! For those thrill-seeker like me, I highly suggest to go to Six Flags!! Luckily, we were able to try atleast ten rides because there were only few people when we went there. :D

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London, United Kingdom