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Edinburgh & Glasgow, Scotland

I planned and organised a 5-day trip to Scotland with my parents. To be honest, I think we stayed here quite too long because we can actually explore Edinburgh and experience the scottish culture in less than 2 to 3 days. However, the impressive and captivating architecture, and relaxing environment of scotland kept us entertained. We also went to Glasgow which is just an hour away from Edinburgh by train. As always, we decided to get a hop-on-hop-off bus tour in Edinburgh and Glasgow. It is the easiest and even more convenient way to see the top attractions and explore the city. Most of the time, we are just on the bus because my parents are quite tired and lazy to hop-off and walk around the tourist spot. Photo is not really important to them, they are more living in the moment and I am more of collecting moments by taking photos. With that said, sorry for my photos because I only captured some of them whilst on the bus. Do not criticise it too much, I have a reasonable excuse behind all of these photos ha ha ha.

First of all, Edinburgh is so beautiful and the vibe is completely different from London. I really really enjoyed the architecture, it's like an old town during medieval era filled with pure scottish culture. The capital seems to be smaller and compact compared to Glasgow. Moreover, Glasgow is becoming an industrial city surrounded by modern scottish architecture and tons of huge universities. It has more shopping stores and pubs and it is less touristy too. On the other hand, Edinburgh is like a conglomeration of villages that have existed for centuries and that's what makes it more historical and touristy. By the way, our tour guide mentioned that Scotland is the excellent place to pursue further studies in medicine. 

Furthermore, most of the photos were taken at the one and only castle we visited, Edinburgh Castle. Well, locals highly recommended to visit this ravishing castle and that every visitor of Edinburgh should never miss this castle. I totally agree! The castle and the view itself was absolutely astonishing. It took us 2-3 hours to explore the castle because we have so many photoshoot breaks in between.

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