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My Parents Visited Me in London

My parents visited me in London for two weeks last april and I was really excited to bring them to different places that they haven't been to before. They are not actually interested to see the iconic tourist spots anymore and so I just decided to bring them to different restaurants that I have already tried and wanted to try out. When i was doing their itinerary, I totally knew that this family bonding will be more of a food trip bonding. 

I first brought my parents to Sky Garden for them to see an amazing view of London and also to have lunch at Darwin Brasserie. Sky Garden is London's highest public garden located at Fenchurt Street. (If you are planning to visit Sky Garden, I suggest that you should reserve a ticket online before you visit the place because it is quite busy in the morning and afternoon. The ticket is completely free but you have to show a valid passport/ID upon entry). After our 'late' lunch in Sky Garden, we went to the SSE Arena in Webley to watch and support one of my Ice Skating friends who is a performer from Disney on Ice.

By the way, my mom would sometimes copy my outfit and that is why we are like twins on some photos. That's how clingy my mom is :P 

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London, United Kingdom